Unpacking the Privilege in Purpose

October 15, 2020 | Online Panel & Networking

Purpose has become a popular buzzword for businesses and individuals alike. And, for good reason. For people, purpose has the power to motivate, propel, and inform impact.

For businesses, purpose ensures a social mission that drives teams to do good. A recent study from Mckinsey & Company further explores purpose in the context of a crisis.

Purpose can be so powerful, and we have to acknowledge that there is an element of privilege that we need to address when we talk about purpose.

There’s privilege in wealth and income which allows people to pursue their purpose. There’s privilege for identities which have historically had greater access to purpose-driven work. Post-traumatic events, our brains go into flight or fight mode and people tend to lose a sense of purpose. All of this defines who has access.

The leading social impact organizations in New York City, Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area and Be Social Change, are partnering to bring together an expert panel to unpack this conversation, exploring:

  • How privilege and purpose have been intertwined historically
  • Best practices to address privilege in purposeful work
  • Ways of promoting access and equity to purpose-driven work
  • Innovative ideas in ensuring greater access to individual and organizational purpose

With an incredible panel of experts, attendees will examine this topic and work toward greater inclusivity in impact, and intentional business practices. Join us to learn more about purpose and how individuals and businesses can pursue purpose while addressing inequality.

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 Rakiba Kibria
Rakiba Kibria

Director of Advancement , Common Future


Rakiba is a lifelong-learner, master-connector, multi-tasking magician and an overall electropositive personality (seriously, ask anyone!). She is deeply centered around the etymology of philanthropy — the love of mankind. It’s no wonder she’s dedicated nearly a decade of her life fundraising for small and large community-based organizations in New York City. In the span of her career, she’s been on teams leading $50M capital campaigns, directed 4,000 attendee summits, managed over 200 volunteers for continuous twenty-four-hour fundraising events.

Rakiba is a big believer of the quadruple bottom line: people, planet, profit, equity. She’s hopeful about the power of systems thinking and entrepreneurship to create lasting social and economic impact.

She is a first-gen Bangladeshi American with strong Queens, NYC pride. Rakiba holds a B.A. from the American University in International Development and Economics and an M.S. from Columbia University in Nonprofit Management, where she also served as an Associate Instructor.

Max Skolnik
Max Skolnik

Founding Partner, Generation Titans


Max Skolnik is a founding partner of Generation Titans, a social impact firm that develops market solutions for startups of color to access the early-stage resources they need to launch and thrive. Its signature product — REUNION — is a crowdfunding and community platform where users support emerging Black, Latinx, and Indigenous entrepreneurs by amplifying their stories, validating tactics, and making impact donations.

With over 20 years of senior-level experience in the youth development, philanthropic, local government, entrepreneurial, and corporate responsibility fields, Max has demonstrated a passion for leading and serving others. In his 10 years as the Founder and Executive Director of Kid Power, he managed high-quality academic, nutritional, and service-learning programs for thousands of young people throughout the District of Columbia. Following Kid Power, Max served as the DC Executive Director of the Taproot Foundation, a national organization that facilitates corporate pro bono service. Most recently, Max served as the Director of National Programs at MBK Alliance, an initiative of the Obama Foundation working to ensure that all boys and young men of color have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Chandani Punia - Moderator
Chandani Punia - Moderator

Director of Innovation, City Harvest


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October 15th, 2020

4:55 pm

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