Storytelling Fundamentals

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Storytelling is an essential skill in today’s working world that will help you grow your career, networking, and impact.

But what makes a story stand out, and engage the listener? In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn tips and tricks to make your stories fun, engaging, and interesting as well as have a chance to workshop the beginnings of a story with personalized feedback!  

Build skills in:

Storytelling, Narrative Arc, Communication, Public Speaking, Presence, Audience Engagement

This workshop is for you if you’re:

  • Looking for an incredible approach to effective communication
  • A professional, entrepreneur, creative, or communications strategist/marketer looking to work on your storytelling skills
  • Wanting to polish a story for presentation
  • Educators who want to use storytelling in their education plan
  • Leading a meeting or presentation
  • Going on dates, making friends, or interacting with people

This workshop is hosted by our partners at the Engaging Educator. You can view upcoming workshops here.

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What people are saying:

“I absolutely loved my class. We learned a lot about what it is to truly listen, to say yes to others, to build trust in a room with strangers who become friends and have a ton of fun in the process. I’m bringing so much of what I learned to work with me every day!”

The Instructor 

Realizing the connection between improvisation and communication, The Engaging Educator specializes in customized improv-based education. We provide classes that enhance public speaking, creativity, flexibility, positive risk-taking, teamwork and more by flexing improv muscles. Beyond our classes for educators and professionals, we also specialize in improv for high school students, corporate workshops, and improv for individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as individuals with cerebral palsy.

The Engaging Educator is a passionate and talented team of educators, facilitators and professionals. Each of our Engagers brings a distinct style and energy to our brand of “Yes, And,” and all believe in the power of Improv as Continuing Education.


$5 a month or $49 a year

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