The Social Impact Career Change Accelerator is your job search roadmap for finding fulfilling work.

This online course is for you if you’re looking for work in:

  • an innovative nonprofit
  • a B Corp or a social enterprise
  • corporate social responsibility
  • sustainability
  • impact investing
  • philanthropy

Land a social impact job you’re passionate about that challenges you, pays well, and helps you leverage your talents and skills to make your greatest contribution in the world.

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Finally an affordable career change program specifically designed for finding a social impact job

When you’re working in a fulfilling social impact job, you’re able to turn your knowledge, skills, or experience into vehicles for making a positive impact in the world.

The Social Impact Career Change Accelerator will walk you through every single step of the job search process to help you make a career change and never feel lost, stuck, or overwhelmed!

You have so many unique gifts to share with the world and this immersive online course will save you time, energy, and money in your search for finding a job that channels your passions, talents, skills to make the world a better place – all at an affordable price!

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:


9 Expert Instruction Video Modules


Templates and Resources to Save You Time and Energy

Lifetime Access and Regular Updates

You may be here because …
  • You feel stuck in your current job
  • You feel lost and not sure what direction to take your career
  • You want to be doing more meaningful work that makes a greater impact
  • You feel overwhelmed by the job search
  • You’re tired of sending out resume after resume and not hearing back from anyone (and have no clue why)

If you feel one or more of these, you’re in the right place!

Imagine what it would feel like …

*To have found your career purpose and and are in a job that brings you meaning and happiness…..

*To be in a work environment with a supportive team and great culture…

*To wake up every morning and be excited for work…

*To know you’re making a positive contribution in the world…

I know you’ve been looking for something that can demystify the social impact job search process.

I understand how you feel. Before Be Social Change, I was hopping from nonprofit job to nonprofit job trying to find my career purpose and make more of an impact. When I went to find resources to help me find a more fulfilling job within social impact, there was nothing out there.

That’s why I created this program!

For the past 10 years, by leading career coaching and growing Be Social Change into the largest social impact community in NYC, I’ve had the privilege of teaching tens of thousands of people how to find fulfilling social impact jobs. Now, I’m taking all my best strategies and advice to teach you step-by-step exactly how to make a smooth career transition into the social impact space.

Before and After
The Social Impact Career Change Accelerator


  • Feeling lost and confused on everything you need to do during the job search process
  • Feeling frustrated by applying for job after job and not hearing back
  • Unsure how to translate your previous experiences into a new social impact job
  • Don’t know how to clearly communicate your experience and want to create a strong personal narrative
  • Tired of networking and not meeting the right people to create new career opportunities


  • You have clarified your career purpose and know the exact jobs you should be applying for within the social impact space
  • You feel clear and confident in your personal brand and how to effectively communicate your career stories
  • You know exactly how to write compelling resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn Profiles
  • You know how to tap into the hidden job market through your network and don’t have to rely on simply applying for jobs online
  • You know exactly how to prepare for acing all your interviews

What people are saying …

“Marcos helped me a lot in defining what I wanted out of my career and taking the right steps to make it happen. And, my career path can testify – from management consulting in New York, to creating education solutions for marginalised youth in South-East Asia, and now working in the global health sector in East Africa – his guidance was quite a catalyst!”

Maelle Barbancon

“I’m really impressed by the amount of content Marcos offers. With his career change trainings, I like that he doesn’t just give tips, Linkedin advice, or job search hacks, but he uses multiple resources to have well-rounded discussions helping each individual make personal discoveries and get clear on their purpose.”

Kristen Brasher

Don’t waste valuable time and money trying to figure out how to implement all the necessary elements of a successful career change on your own.

I’ve got every step of the career change process covered for you!


  • Video 1: Welcome
  • Video 2: Understanding your type of career change


  • Video 1: What is Social Impact
  • Video 2: Career Paths in Social Impact


  • Video 1: Clarifying Your Career Purpose
  • Video 2: Further Clarifying Your Career Purpose
  • Video 3: Answering “What Do You Want to Do?”


  • Video 1: Developing Your Career Personal Brand
  • Video 2: What is Personal Branding?
  • Video 3: What is a Career Personal Brand


  • Video 1: What Are Career Stories?
  • Video 2: Creating Your 3 Core Career Stories
  • Video 3: Tips for Creating Your Career Stories


  • Video 1: Creating a Compelling Resume
  • Video 2: Cover Letters – Making a Great First Impression
  • Video 3: Leveraging LinkedIn


  • Video 1: Navigating the Online Job Landscape


  • Video 1: Why Networking So Important
  • Video 2: Activating Your Network
  • Video 3: Networking at Events


  • Video 1: Preparing for Your Interviews
  • Video 2: During the Interview + Follow Up
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Career coaching can cost $2,000 to $3,000 (and sometimes more). And if you tried to pull together all the information you need to create a successful career change, it could take you months (and in some cases, over a year) to create a solid career change strategy and roadmap.

The Social Impact Career Change Accelerator provides you an affordable step-by-step career change process that not only saves you time, energy, and money, but also shows you the best strategies for finding meaningful work within social impact.


    You can do the program from home, from anywhere in the world, and at your own pace.

    You can complete the program from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an Internet connection!

    The program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal.

    And you’ll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule.

    What Happens When You Enroll

    Step 1: Enroll in The Social Impact Career Change Accelerator

    Purchase the program with the payment plan or the full-pay option. You can pay with either PayPal or credit card.

    Step 2: You’ll receive an email with all the details

    The email will show you how to access your content, your log in information, and the answers to some common questions.

    Step 3: You’ll get immediate access to the course

    Module 0 will be waiting for you, so you can dive right in and start working on your career change!

    Here’s the truth:
    Making a successful career change takes a lot of work and dedication!

    But when you enroll in The Social Impact Career Change Accelerator, you’ll be saying saving yourself not only lots of money but also hours and hours of time, headaches, and confusion.

    The strategies I teach in The Social Impact Career Change Accelerator have been refined over many years, not just based on my own experience, but based on the latest job search research, as well as teaching and working with thousands of people on their career changes as well.

    I’ve developed these systems to make sure that your time is leveraged effectively and efficiently, so you know you aren’t wasting time on things that don’t work!

    In case you missed the amazingly good deal above …

    One last question:
    Where will you be in one year?

    3 years? Or 5 years from now?

    When you look back on your life, what impact will you have had in the world?

    When you channel your passions, talents, and skills into a social impact career, you don’t just change your life. You will be changing the lives of people around the world.

    You have a choice today: you can continue on as you have been, daydreaming about doing fulfilling work in a social impact job, or you can take the leap to make a career change that has been in your head and your heart.


    Let’s make it happen.

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