Show Me the Money

How to Have Hard Conversations about Equal Pay

March 23, 2021 | Webinar

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Despite the progress that has been made over the last few decades, women as a whole still get paid less than men. 81 cents on the dollar, to be exact.

So, what is the deal? Why hasn’t the pay gap been officially closed?

For starters, many of us humans feel uncomfortable discussing money (thanks mom, dad…society!). Then, for those of us who finally work up the courage to ask, when our proposal doesn’t get taken seriously or we don’t get the “yes” that we wanted, we can quickly retreat and accept defeat, versus standing in our truth and advocating for the salary that we deserve.

Learning how to speak up and hold your ground in the face of a challenge, especially around “sensitive” topics like money, can be difficult to say the least. Skills like how to do the research, build the case for your request, and navigate a hard conversation (or human) effectively can make all the difference.

From getting your mind under new management to structuring the conversation and dealing with rejection, this workshop will help you to successfully navigate asking for equal pay.

You will walk away with the following:

  • Strategies for researching and preparing for the conversation
  • Communication techniques for uncomfortable situations
  • A framework and steps for how to design hard conversations
  • Tips for dealing with rejection
  • Techniques to hold yourself (and your boss) accountable

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The Instructor 

Chrisa Zindros Boyce
Chrisa Zindros Boyce

Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Executive Coach, Handel Group

Chrisa brings over a decade of management and executive-level leadership to the Handel Group®. Throughout her career, she has worked on building brands and creating business driving initiatives that have positively impacted sales, profit, and employee retention for large and small companies.

As Chief Strategy Officer for Handel Group, Chrisa works closely with leaders from all divisions to ensure that HG is optimally growing and scaling as a company. Her responsibilities span business development to financial operations and marketing.

In her role as an executive coach, Chrisa leads Diversity and Inclusion Workshops, Culture Transformations, and High Potential Training Programs across the globe. She supports both growing companies and industry conglomerates in designing cultures and structures that lead to increased employee retention, engagement, and profitability. Her roster of individual clients include an international group of serial entrepreneurs, perennial corporate executives, and established individual contributors that hail from a broad range of sectors including Finance, Entertainment, Fashion, Technology, Non-Profit + Government.

In her one on one coaching, Chrisa leans into her innate creativity, intuition, and sense of humor to offer a personalized approach to help her clients meet their goals. Through an in-depth process, she helps her clients mitigate bad habits and re-balance their priorities.

She believes that authenticity breeds confidence and as such she supports her clients in staying true to their values and apologetically honing their voice.

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