Roadmap to Sustainable Businesses Simplified

May 12, 2021 | Webinar

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Businesses around the world are answering the call of their consumers to incorporate sustainability into every element of their companies.

Barron’s sites that nearly eight in 10 consumers say sustainability is an important value to them. Over 70% of people would pay, on average, 35% more for eco-friendly items. Even if your company isn’t creating sustainable products, it’s essential to incorporate a vision for sustainability into your work.

If you’re looking to set and/or safeguard a sustainability plan for your organization, this webinar is for you. This session helps businesses identify the best sustainability practices that are relevant to your operation. Through a series of analyses and exercises, you will be guided through an organized roadmap that starts with mapping main stakeholders and ends with a simple and easy-to-implement Sustainability Action Plan that prioritizes those initiatives that generate the most positive impact.

The approach is systemized so you can manage your most valuable resources, time and money, in a cost-efficient way. Think Beyond Business’s (TBB) dynamic methodology simplifies the process of developing a sustainability strategy and repositions a business for success by balancing caring for our planet and its people while generating profit.

Join us to learn a methodology and gain a roadmap to develop a simple and easy-to-implement Sustainability Action Plan. TBB’s automated Sustainability Dashboard works with questions similar to the B-lab assessment.

This webinar is for you if you are:

  • A professional or business owner who has the passion to do business in a better way.
  • Someone who can make decisions and transform goals into actionable plans.
  • A professional involved in CSR and sustainability.
  • Sustainability and business consultants who want to learn a systematized methodology to help their clients implement best sustainability practices.

Build skills in:

  • an organized and simplified methodology to understand how a business’ operation, process, and procedures compare to sustainability best practices.
  • a business case on becoming more resilient, more profitable and doing business more consciously and responsibly.

Main takeaways:

  • Learn sustainability best practices that will help you increase competitiveness and profitability while creating positive environmental, societal, and economic impacts.
  • Save time and cost by following an organized and efficient methodology that will keep you focused on what is relevant to your business, identifying your true priorities.
  • Simplify your reporting by having your sustainability initiatives classified by a group of stakeholders and linked to the UN SDGs.
  • Leave the session energized and with a boost of energy by learning there is a new, better way of doing business.

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Silvina Skverer (Knoll)
Silvina Skverer (Knoll)

Co-Founder and Partner, Thinking Beyond Business

Silvina is a CPA, with over fifteen years of accounting, auditing, financial, and strategic planning experience. She has held several leadership positions, including CFO at WingLatino, a Hispanic advertising agency of WPP. She is actively involved in her community and regularly participates in events that connect her with more vulnerable communities locally and internationally. She led a mission of donors to Argentina with UJA Greenwich and helped organize several fundraising events. She was also a finance mentor at Score White Plains.

In her role as President of Women’s Philanthropy of UJA Greenwich, she had the opportunity to inspire and empower women to impact their local and global communities. She has a passion for businesses that have a mission beyond generating profits and believes that every business, no matter the size, should have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in this world. That’s why she co-founded Thinking Beyond Business to help small and medium-sized businesses maximize profits through sustainable and socially responsible practices.

Silvina is married with two children and lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. When she is not working on TBB, you will find her reading, walking her dog, or working on her novel that she wishes to publish in the future.

Soledad is a New York and Argentinean attorney with over twenty years of experience advising various clients in Foreign Investments, Business Law, Cross-border transactions, Compliance, Corporate Governance, and Data Protection. She held many leading roles, including Managing Partner of the New York office of an international law firm for many years, and was also in charge of opening and developing the China Desk of the same firm in Beijing, China. While in Beijing, and due to her passion for education, she was selected and appointed to the Board of Trustee of the International School of Beijing, leading one of the first Advancement initiatives for international schools in China.

While living in Europe, she was President of Philanthropy for an International Organization. She led successful fundraising efforts to support projects to assist women and children in need (among them projects for UNICEF, OXAM, among many others). When working in the traditional corporate world, she always felt the need to give back to others that didn’t have her same opportunities. She volunteered as a law consultant for numerous non-profits organizations focused on empowering women and helping children in need, mainly from Latin American, the region where she grew up.

After becoming a mother, experiencing first hand the challenges of life-work balance, and after living in many countries, her perspective and approach to life and business changed utterly. She felt the need to use her skills, education, experience, and background towards a mission-driven purpose, in a new place where she can have a broader impact. Back in the US, she met her partner Silvina, and that is how TBB was founded. Soledad has a Master’s Degree in Corporate, Banking, and Finance Law from Fordham University in New York and holds an ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) Certification issued by Competent Boards.

Soledad aims to create positive change through her work and everyday behavior. She loves traveling and learning new cultures, skiing, and spending time in nature. She is married and is the mother of two young children. She lives in Westport CT, where she also volunteers at the Connecticut Center for Children’s Advocacy.

Soledad Matteozzi
Soledad Matteozzi

Co-Founder and Partner, Thinking Beyond Business

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