Reimagining Systems & Structures for Our Evolving World

April 15, 2020 | Online Discussion
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“In this moment in time, we have an opportunity to come together, make sense of what we’re observing and experiencing, and share ideas of what becomes possible in the future.”

The Coronavirus global pandemic is shedding light on the efficacy of our existing systems and structures. In our social impact communities, we often talk about rebuilding systems that are more inclusive, more just, and allow everyone to rise up. We talk about leadership models that are more heart centered and steeped in compassion. The political discussions often speak to the ways we might think about where systems and structures fall short and what we need going forward. However, it’s the pandemic which is testing and demonstrating the cracks in our systems – some known to us for years and others that are emerging from the magnitude of the crisis. In this moment in time, we have an opportunity to come together, make sense of what we’re observing and experiencing, and share ideas of what becomes possible in the future.

Join us for a lively facilitated discussion on the current state of our organizational and societal systems and structures, the realities of our evolving world, and an exploration on how we might begin to reimagine systems and structures. While we will get through this pandemic, the cracks in the systems will most likely continue to erode and as we move into a new normal state of being. This is an opportunity for us to come together and have a thoughtful discussion on what we’re seeing, be in inquiry together on where we’re going, and ask the challenging questions of what’s possible when we reimagine a new way forward.

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Sean Harvey
Sean Harvey

The Instructor 

Sean Harvey, MSOD, MSEd, is the Chief Compassion Officer and Founder of Symponia, Inc. and facilitatorEDGE. Sean is a compassion-inspired leadership and organization development consultant with a focus on healthy gender dynamics in the workplace. He is committed to developing the next generation of integrated leaders (bridge builders, facilitators, and change makers) who are equipped to innovate collaboratively, reimagine systems & structures, and transform cultures through a more integrated and balanced lens.

Sean’s work in personal, organizational, and societal transformation is inspired by over 20 years of Talent, Leadership, and Organization Development consulting combined with a decade of college teaching experience at Cornell, NYU, and Baruch College CUNY in the areas of Leadership, Organizational Behavior and Change. Sean most recently served as the head of Purpose, Personal Transformation and Wellbeing as well as the Internal Change Agent for Creative for EILEEN FISHER. Prior to his experience at EILEEN FISHER, he was the Vice President of Talent Consulting for Partners in Human Resources International, where he launched a Socially Conscious Leadership program for emerging leaders on Wall Street.

Workshop Schedule

April 15th, 2020

6:55 pm

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7:00 pm

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8:45 pm

Conversation ends


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