Resume 101 (Sept 16th)


Monday, September 16th: 6:45 pm – 9:00 pm
Centre for Social Innovation
601 West 26th Street #325
New York, NY 10001

Doors open at 6:45 pm, workshop starts at 7:00 pm sharp. Please plan to arrive before 7:00 before the workshop begins.

Space is Limited

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A resume is not a biography. It is a marketing document and it is still relevant today. Are you avoiding updating or crafting your resume because you lack clarity on communicating your skills or direction for how to best use the document to convey your passions?

This workshop will open the Black Box of candidate selection to help you understand what happens after you hit “submit”. You will learn where your document goes, who sees it, and how it might be evaluated. We will address topics such as discrimination and how to harness first impressions.

Build skills in:

Resume Writing, Job Search, Verbalizing Value-Add and Impact, Empathy (for your reviewer), Communication

Outcomes of this interactive workshop:

  • Learn how a resume is used in the job application and candidate selection process
  • Gain ideas for changes to make on your resume immediately
  • Learn how-to back-engineer your resume starting with a target job description
  • Develop skills to write resumes for yourself with different focuses

This workshop is for you if you’re:

  • Qualified and experienced, but you are not getting called in for interviews after applying
  • Unsure about your resume in general
  • Currently using a CV in place of a resume
  • A career changer or pivoter and you struggle with telling your story in resume format
  • Ready for some real talk on resumes

What to bring:

  • A notebook and pen
  • (optional) A few copies of your resume if you are comfortable sharing

Expert Instructor

Joanna Giordano (@ResumeOverCoffee) has a coach’s heart. She has been in HR, Talent Acquisition for 10+ years and she’s seen her share of resumes. Resume Over Coffee is her way of opening the Black Box for job seekers to learn and improve their approach to resumes so they can showcase themselves in the best light.

Joanna’s experience coaching and training permeate all pursuits in her portfolio career. Her experience includes Human Resources, recruiting and sourcing at HBO and Citigroup, new hire onboarding, personal training, teaching people to ride bicycles, assisting foreign workers with visa/green card processes, teaching English in Japan, health and wellness coaching with her Arbonne business.

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The Centre for Social Innovation is a home for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs in New York City. They’re building a movement of passionate people committed to a better world.

What people are saying:

“Joanna tore my resume apart! And it was awesome, because now I know how to move forward.” – A.D.

“Joanna gave some tips that I had never heard. They made so much sense!” – R.S.

“I got a call for the next job that I applied to after working with Joanna on tailoring my resume for a pivot from Finance to HR.” – J.O.



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