Politics 101 (June 4th)




  • How political parties are structured in America  
  • How to engage in the existing system for real effect  
  • Political geography in America 

Monday, June 4th: 7:00PM-9:00PM
Centre for Social Innovation
601 West 26th Street #325
New York, NY 10001

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Politics 101 is a deep dive into the hidden mechanisms that drive politics and political decision making in the United States. The systems and procedures of power in our democracy are often obscured from the view of the very people it’s meant to serve. This workshop addresses several key topics which are ignored by political science classes, the media and even Wikipedia pages. Over the course of the workshop, we will cover: Election Law, Political Geography, Money in Politics, The Party Structure in America and how to engage in the existing system for real effect.

Taught by Benjamin Yee, Secretary of the New York County Democratic Party and Democratic State Committeeman, this workshop will give attendees an insider’s view of the American political system. You can either attend this workshop or hire a lobbyist, your choice.


*Doors open at 6:30 PM, workshop starts at 7:00 PM sharp – If you’re late, you may not be able to join a group when we start. Please arrive before 7:00 to get settled and network with fellow attendees. Refunds will not be provided to those who are late and cannot participate.*

This workshop is highly interactive so in addition to learning new skills and strategies, you will also have an opportunity to network with inspiring, like-minded people!


    • How political parties are structured in America  
    • How to engage in the existing system for real effect  
    • Political geography in America 


    • People who want to understand the political system in America




Benjamin Yee was a fundraiser and Digital Director for Barack Obama in 2008. He later worked for the NY State Senate’s CIO’s office and good government think tank Reinvent Albany. Politically, Ben has served at every level of the Young Democrats, including VP of the Young Democrats of America. Ben is the founder of ShiftSpark, an online tool for Citizen Lobbying. He is also Secretary of the NY County Democratic Party and State Committeeman for NY’s 66th Assembly District.

You can learn about his current work here and more about his background here.


The Centre for Social Innovation is a home for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs in New York City. They’re building a movement of passionate people committed to a better world. Learn more at http://nyc.socialinnovation.org/.



Refunds can be issued in full up to 48 hours prior to the start of the workshop by contacting Be Social Change at support@besocialchange.com.

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