Mastering Time

October 20, 2021 | Webinar
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Is time not on your side? Or used to be…but now that you’re working remotely, or kids are home, or fill in the blank, your relationship to time might just need some “marriage” counseling?!

Do your days feel like a battle to beat the clock, make deadlines, uphold standing commitments, prioritize chores, and avoid seemingly unavoidable distractions? Or, are you the opposite, being so productive you can’t possibly keep it up, and know burnout is coming?

If any of this rings true (and it’s not your reminder alarm), join us in this workshop to discover simple and even, dare we say, fun solutions to help you master time, from wherever, whenever.

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify your particular pitfalls
  • Organize yourself and hold yourself accountable
  • Plan brilliantly
  • And most importantly, find ease in everyday activities, as well as your most heartfelt and cause-related endeavors.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Wish your calendar wasn’t your enemy
  • Wanting to make a greater impact and just don’t know how to find more hours in the day
  • Are balancing many priorities in the age of COVID-19 and could use a boost
  • Have tried time management techniques in the past and they haven’t stuck

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The Instructor 

Kimberly Cabot
Kimberly Cabot

Corporate and Life Division, Senior Executive Life Coach, Handel Group

Known for having one of the best laughs ever, Kimberly has been a part of the Handel Group family for almost a decade. She was Director of Operations at HG Corp for five years before becoming a full-time Executive and Life Coach.

Since 2012, Kimberly has used The Handel Method to transform her life and the lives of her clients around the world. Fresh out of a divorce, she used the method to evolve a damaged relationship with her ex-husband into one of friendship, open communication, support, and mutual respect. She has also evolved her relationship with money from abusive to abundant.

Kimberly co-leads HG Corporate workshops around the country and has guided corporate clients to leverage The Handel Method in their lives and shift their results professionally and personally. She leads workshops with groups on a range of topics, including Mastering Time, Designing Your LifeⓇ, and How to Have Hard Conversations. She also leads group coaching Masterclasses in Inner.U LOVE.

In her previous career, she was an organic farmer, planted vineyards, and started a winery.

Kimberly now lives in Northern California, is a certified yoga instructor, and spends her free time adventuring in nature with friends and family, lifting heavy things in the gym, and gardening. She is a lover of life and humans. Her iconic laugh, without question, helps all those that know her to lighten up about their dark side.

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Handel Group is a renowned executive life coaching company dedicated to improving personal and professional lives, one human at a time.

We work with individuals, couples and families to help them design their lives and live their dreams. We provide humans with practical solutions to current challenges and arm them with the tools to design and live a proud and inspired life.

Webinar Schedule

October 20th, 2021

12:55 pm ET

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1:00 pm
Mastering Time presentation led by expert Kimberly Cabot
2:00 pm

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