Leadership Development Coaching Circle

For Professionals Who Want to Upgrade Their Confidence, Demonstrate Their Professional Value to Senior Leadership, and Experience Greater Professional Fulfillment
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Do you want to become a leader in your workplace?


Are you silently waiting for a promotion or new responsibilities to come your way? Are you unsure how to communicate your value to bosses who aren’t seeing it in our work-from-home situations?

Join this small group leadership development circle if you’d like to take a strategic step towards progressing in your career.

What is it?

A 6 week co-horted learning experience with six 1 hour sessions.

Here are the topics:

    1. Self-Awareness: Identifying Your Natural Strengths and Stubborn Blind Spots
    2. Influencing Others: Understanding Workplace Communication Styles
    3. Advocate For Yourself: Identifying Your Version of Imposter Syndrome and How To Make An Ask
    4. Professional Relationships: What To Do To Better Collaborate and Identify How You Communicate When in Conflict
    5. Office Politics and Performance Management: Make Yourself Valuable and Make Yourself Visible
    6. Professional Fulfillment: Identify What You Need To Stay Engaged On The Job

At the end of the six weeks, you will be able to:

  • Better advocate of your interests to management and leadership
  • Better navigate conflict
  • Speak with more confidence about your ideas
  • Articulate your strengths and the value you bring to your position and organization at large
  • Work with teams and lead projects with greater ease

By 2030 most jobs will be soft-skill intensive – this means self-mastery and interpersonal skills are the future of work and the foundation of leadership. If you seek growth within your workplace, that means you will need to develop skills in personal leadership, persuasive power, interpersonal savvy, conflict management, and self advocacy.

If you are ready to take your career advancement into your own hands, you are invited to apply for this small group Leadership Development Coaching Circle.

The next cohort begins Wednesday, October 13th, and runs weekly through Wednesday, November 17th.



a small cohort of fellow leaders

Expert Feedback

the support of a trusted, expert coach

Dedicated Progress

activities to get you prepped for taking the next step in your career

An Expanded Network

grow your network of leaders across impact areas


find motivation and support for reaching your goals from a new set of peers

Healthy Approach

gain confidence, insights, and a recognition of your own strengths

The Facilitator

Lawrese Brown

Founder, C-Track Training


Lawrese Brown is an author, entrepreneur, workplace educator and leadership coach. As the Founder of C-Track Training, she creates products and programs that equip professionals with the skills they need to feel confident and respected on the job. C-Track Training is a leader in workplace education and provides professionals with the information, guidance and skill development they need to excel as leaders in the future of work.

Lawrese’s private clients describe her approach to coaching as a mix of therapy and career mastery. Her coaching methodology focuses on self-mastery, communication, decision making and management skills and her coaching clients come from top companies like American Express, Google, Credit Suisse, McKinsey & Co, Hello Alice, Consumer Reports, and NYCDOE. She’s designed and delivered off-sites, leadership programs, training and team-building sessions for non-profit agencies, start-ups, educational institutions and corporations. Her insights on remote work, communication and management have been featured on Huffington Post, Fast Company and The Muse.

In addition to working with thousands of professionals, Lawrese’s career development work has impacted thousands of students. She authored and implemented a 30-hour soft skills curriculum for students in Schools That Can’s Advanced Manufacturing Program as well as a career exploration curriculum for first year students in the Educational Opportunity Fund Program at Brookdale Community College. She has a Masters in Educational Leadership, Advocacy and Politics from NYU Steinhardt.

C-Track Training helps professionals take control of their workplace experience by providing accessible resources that help them earn respect, trust and confidence in the workplace.


  • Six one and half hour focused online leadership development sessions
  • One thirty-minute private coaching session with the coach/facilitator
  • Weekly activities and goal-tracking
  • Follow up resources, including e-books, slides, and assessments


This leadership development circle is for you if…
  • You want accountability, like-minded community, and access to an educator and coach with deep expertise in transforming professionals into confident, respected, trusted leaders.
  • You want support around how to have difficult conversations in the workplace.
  • You want strategy and an understanding of how to become more visible, make your work more relevant, and take on the responsibilities of leading a team.
  • You want to know your strengths and style of working so that you own your expertise and stop feeling undervalued.
  • You want skills based coaching and training in effective communication, assertiveness, performance management and team building.


Extremely Valuable

“The Leadership Circle was extremely valuable! Lawrese, the facilitator, is an expert in her field and it shows in her slide decks and follow up e-books, and the empathetic, grounded conversations she made room for in class. Thank you, all involved!” – participant in the April-May cohort

Taking Charge of My Own Professional Growth

“I absolutely enjoyed participating in the Leadership Development Circles. It provided safe and constructive space to dig deeper about who you are and what you would like to achieve professionally. I am more aware of how to take charge of my own professional growth now. The wisdom and support that Lawrese Brown brought to the program and participants was simply amazing.” – participant in the April-May cohort

Solidifying Leadership Skills

“What a great journey and exploration of how leaders communicate, act, and empower in a dynamic circle. I solidified how important is for all leaders to always view the team from the pint of empathy because everyone has a story to share.” – participant in the November-December cohort


The value of these sessions is $2,000 per individual. For the Be Social Change community, the cost will be offered at a sliding scale: $950 – $1,100.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the circles be in-person or online?

To maintain safety and access, all offerings will be online.

Who else will be in the coaching circle?

All interested professionals will apply through this link. The facilitator will read each application and curate the groups based on mutual interests/goals.

When are the circles scheduled for?

The Coaching Circles will be held on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 pm ET. They will be on the following Wednesdays:

  • Wednesday, October 13th
  • Wednesday, October 20th
  • Wednesday, October 27th
  • Wednesday, November 3rd
  • Wednesday, November 10th
  • Wednesday, November 17th
What if I don't know if I want to stay in my current job?

The leadership development skills you will learn will translate across workplaces and support you in career advancement for your next role too.

How do I know if I am a fit for the coaching circles?

You are eligible if you are seeking to advance your career, increase your impact, and find a new leadership range at work.

How will I know once I have been selected to join a coaching circle?

You will receive an email confirming your spot and the dates/times of the first circle.

How will I know once I have been selected to join a coaching circle?

You will receive an email from Be Social Change confirming your spot and the dates/times of the first circle.

When will I find out if I am selected?

All decisions will be made final by Friday, October 1st, 2021.