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Did You Know:

  • 40% of employees who don’t receive necessary job training to be effective leave within the first year. The cost of losing an employee can reach nearly three times their salary.
  • 67% of millennials would leave a job position if it lacks growth opportunities and avenues for leadership development.
  • 70% of Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers, and Millennials say job-related training and development influences their decision to stay at their job.

 Source: Shift Learning 


Professional development and training for your team has never been as important.

Be Social Change’s network of expert instructors supports your staff in the areas most important to growing effective teams, leaders, and organizations.


Just some of the trainings we lead:

Organizational Change

Workshops in:

  • Strengthening Teams
  • Developing a Positive Team Culture
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Development
  • New Managers Training
  • Interactive Strategic or Organizational Planning

Collaboration and Communication

Workshops in:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Storytelling
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Leading Productive Dialogue
  • Participatory Decision Making

Staff and Stakeholder Development

Workshops in:

  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Design Thinking/Human Centered Design
  • Community Engagement
  • Presenting in Public
  • Inclusive and Accessible Engagements

Meet Some of Our Instructors

Kristina Drury
Kristina Drury

Founder, TYTHEdesign


Kristina is a social entrepreneur, designer, and educator. Her mission-driven firm, TYTHEdesign, uses the lens of design and strategy to support social good organizations in developing creative solutions, build their capacity and enhance their impact. Under her leadership, TYTHEdesign has increased the community impact of over 150 local and global social good organizations including the NYC Dept. of Education, Citi Community Development, The Earth Institute, and California State Library System. Prior to starting TYTHEdesign,

Her diverse background includes work in nonprofits, corporate social responsibility, education, social innovation, industrial design, and architecture. Most recently, she has been recognized as an Innovation Expert for UNDP and selected to present at Clinton Global Initiative University’s annual conference.

As an educator, she has taught classes, workshops, and training to build the capacity of over 2,500 change makers, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs. 

Lawrese Brown
Lawrese Brown

Founder, C-Track


Lawrese is an educator and entrepreneur on a mission to equip professionals with the interpersonal skills, tools and frameworks necessary to be respected and trusted in an increasingly qualitiative and quick-changing workplace.

As The Founder of C Track, she’s revolutionizing workforce development through workplace education. She creates and delivers professional skills classes, workshops and programs that equip managers with the skills to lead their teams, educators with the skills to navigate diverse personalities and students with the skills necessary to get jobs. Her soft-skill curriculums are used in high schools, colleges and non-profit agencies.

C-Track’s consulting and training services have enhanced the performance of thousands of professionals across start-ups, corporations, educational instutions and non-profit organizations.

Lawrese has a Masters in Educational Leadership, Advocacy & Politics from New York University, Steinhardts School of Human Development and a BA from Gettysburg College. Lawrese also has the same birthday as Oprah.

Marcos Salazar - Moderator
Marcos Salazar - Moderator

CEO & Co-Founder, Be Social Change


Marcos Salazar (@marcossalazar) is a serial social entrepreneur, career coach, speaker, and community-builder. Marcos has worked in research and leadership development at the American Psychological Association, Girl Scouts, and the White House Project (promoting women to run for office). He is also the founder of two t-shirt companies, a number of social impact blogs, and the author of two books.

Through Be Social Change, Marcos taps into his entrepreneur’s creativity and social good inspiration to help people find and do meaningful work and lead more sustainable lifestyles. Marcos earned a degree from Amherst College and a Masters in Organizational Management and an Executive Leadership Coaching certificate from The George Washington University. 

Training Formats

We customize trainings to your teams needs.



An instructor will come to your workplace and lead trainings for your team on-site.

Team retreats

Instructors will travel to your team retreats/off-sites to lead trainings in new creative spaces for your staff.

Host the training at our spaces

Be Social Change has space partners throughout New York City who offer discounted meeting locations, conducive to trainings, for socially-conscious organizations.

How Often

Single Workshop Offering

Address a single professional development need for your team with a single workshop session (anywhere from 2 hours to a full-day session).

Workshop + Debriefs

Ensure the team is retaining and implementing the new skills they’ve gained by incorporating a facilitated debrief. An additional session reinforces your team’s comprehension and practice.

Training Series

Incorporate on-going, sustained trainings for your staff to cultivate the most effective and fulfilled teams. Trainings can be held on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. 


Pricing varies depending on the location and frequency of the internal trainings.

Discounts are availale to all nonprofits.

Proven Results for

You and Your Team

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