Intentional Money

Your Money, Your Values

July 21, 2021 | Interactive Workshop


Do you ever wish you could have a consistently positive relationship with money and know that the way you earn, save, spend and invest money is in total alignment with your values?

If you were asked your personal values, you could probably come up with a big list – adventure, family, compassion, community, and so on. However, somewhere along the way, FOMO sets in, yo-yo relationships with money takes over and you forget to align your money goals and money decisions with your values.

Join this session to build a positive relationship with money, clearly define your values, and lay out your money goals. You will walk away with clear next steps that will help you feel aligned with your deeper purpose.

Build skills in:

  • Personalized understanding of your relationship with money and how to reframe it for the positive.
  • Clearly defined values on the me-we-world framework: i.e. personal, community and world goals.
  • The defined exact number you need to retire.
  • Tips on how to plan to save for everything that you just defined as mattering, personally, to you.

This webinar is for you if you:

  • Wish you had a positive relationship with money and abundance.
  • Want to find ways to contribute more, in terms of your time and money, to the world around you.
  • Want to feel sure about your money goals and be sure that you are not falling behind.

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The Instructor

Ankita Terrell
Ankita Terrell

Founder and CEO, Intentional Money

Ankita Terrell is a money coach. She is the Founder and CEO of Intentional Money, where she helps her clients align their values with the way they earn, spend, invest, and donate money.

Ankita’s mission is to empower her clients to manage their money with confidence and ease. She works with clients of all levels: from individuals who want to create budgets and understand the basics of investing, to more advanced investors who want to get more intentional about where their money is going.

Ankita also works part-time at Ashoka, funding social entrepreneurs who are combatting climate change and making technology less biased. She has worked at various for-profits, non-profits, and BCorps over her career, before settling into the entrepreneurial lifestyle. She has an MBA from Georgetown University and is in the process of becoming a registered investment advisor. She lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband.

Intentional Money Your Values

Intentional Money was born out of the idea that our values and money goals are – and should be inter-connected. The way we make money, through our job, or through our investments, has implications. By clearly defining who we are, what matters to us, and where we want to go, we can create a financial independence plan that is easy to stick to – and that is true to us.

Workshop Schedule

July 21st, 2021

5:55 pm

Sign on to the workshop and introduce yourself in the chat


6:00 pm

Intentional Money led by expert Ankita Terrell

7:30 pm

Q & A 

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