How To Be A Successful First Time Manager

Identify Your Leadership Style
January 9, 2023 | Live Webinar
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Congratulations on becoming a manager!

But if you’re like most first-time managers then you haven’t been trained in managerial skills and it’s going to be harder to be effective in your new role. According to a survey from SHRM, “half of the American workers (50 percent) believe it would help them improve their own work performance if their direct supervisor’s people management skills were improved.”

Stepping into a manager role means you’re now privy to new projects getting the green light, you’re making key decisions about which challenge to tackle next, and–most importantly–you’re now in charge of a team of people. Your staff are your responsibility. It’s no longer about you and your individual performance. You represent an entire team. You’re playing the role of leader, coach, teacher, and motivator. Your staff are relying on you for guidance in their day-to-day and in their professional growth and development, and as a first time manager, you’re eager to do well. You don’t want to let them down or cause them unnecessary work or stress because of your inexperience.

Build skills in:
The people skills or the abilities that allow you to guide, develop, and build trust with your team are the intangibles that will make you a successful first time manager. In this webinar, you’ll build skills and learn:

  • SELF-AWARENESS: How to evolve your behaviors to match the responsibilities that come with advancing by identifying your leadership style
  • CREATING TEAM CULTURE: How to create a collaborative team culture with structure and norms so your team feels capable of doing great work even when you’re not there
  • GIVING BALANCED FEEDBACK: How to build transparency by having the confidence to have tough conversations
This webinar is for you if you:
  • Have been recently promoted to a managerial position or team lead
  • Are not a formal manager but oversee groups (ex. Volunteer groups, community groups, clients, etc.)
  • Have direct reports and want to improve how they perform so that you can operate more autonomously
  • Are a manager at a fast-growing or rapidly changing organization that requires new norms and departmental procedures

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The Instructor

Lawrese Brown
Lawrese Brown

Founder, C-Track Training

Lawrese Brown is an educator and workplace coach that develops strong teams and strong team leaders by equipping professionals with the skills, tools, and frameworks necessary to be respected and trusted in the workplace.

C-Track’s coaching and training services have enhanced the programs and performance of professionals at BOLD New York, Bravely, Credit Suisse, Google, Brookdale Community College, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Consumer Reports, McKinsey & Co., Klara Technologies, Year Up, 826 NYC, The Cordes Foundation, Longwave Financial, and Girls Who Code.

First time manager instructor's organization

C-Track Training teaches early career professionals from 0-10 years how to speak with confidence, self-manage, speak up, and transition to management through group coaching programs, books, and training.

Webinar Schedule

January 9, 2023

12:55 pm

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1:00 pm
How To Be A Successful First Time Manager led by expert Lawrese Brown
2:00 pm

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