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Did you know that 13% of global carbon emissions come from the agriculture industry, second only to all transportation?

Food affects each of our lives. It is a global issue in which all people are stakeholders. We all need to eat, and food production is the largest provider of jobs worldwide with over 1.3 billion people employed (GIS Geography).

Recent research reports that there are maybe 10 more seasons of “regular” agricultural practices before our food systems give-out and won’t work any longer. That’s just 10 years to transform the largest industry in the world.

We’re already seeing massive changes in how food systems look. For example, wine grapes are growing in Canada in regions that were too cold for them ten years ago, and growers in Australia and California are reporting losses of entire crops due to warming weather (BBC). And, agriculture is changing due to changing water stresses and reduced crop production.

What are the solutions, ideas, and changes we can look to for substantive change toward sustainable food – and even regenerative agriculture? And, how do we transform our food systems to be more equitable for all?

Sustainable food demands more of businesses, farmers, and consumers alike. Join us to hear what the most innovative organizations are doing to impact global food production practices as well as ways we can all consume more sustainability. This interactive conversation will include information about how food production has shifted and is changing following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Nova Sayers
Nova Sayers

VP Growth & Innovation, HowGood


Nova‘s goal is to empower CPG companies, brands, farmers, suppliers, retailers, restaurants to achieve better impacts – while empowering consumers to purchase for good! In her current role as VP of Growth & Innovation for HowGood, she helps clients improve their product, brand, and sourcing strategy by providing data and insights from the world’s largest product sustainability database, and through the use of an innovative product design and impact measurement platform called Latis.

Over the past 12 years, Nova has consulted with large and small CPG companies to promote responsible businesses and regenerative supply; she helped develop tools to foster sustainability such as label claims standards for the Soil Carbon Index and Regenerative Organic Certification, Certified Transitional, Certified Plant-Based, Raised Without Antibiotics, Non-GMO, and Responsibly Grown; plus sourcing standards for globally traded commodities ranging from Produce to Coffee to Honey.

Nova earned her undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley and worked in international trade development prior to focusing on sustainability and regeneration. She is based in Northern California where sustainable farming and natural foods are abundant, and serves on the Board of the Sustainable Food Trade Association and as an Advisor to the Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum.

Baba Fred Carter
Baba Fred Carter

Co-founder & Executive Director, Black Oaks Center


In 2005, my wife and I founded the Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living. Sitting on a 40-acre eco-campus, Black Oaks was designed as a site for training and skill-building in wilderness survival, permaculture, and energy conservation — what we determined as essential knowledge in the face of climate change.

Before turning to the land, I found and led a multi-million dollar transportation logistics company. I served as the CEO, with a staff of 200 employees, for five years. Additionally, I spent 15 years as a trainer for Landmark Education; I facilitated group meetings, served as the team leader for the midwest, and coordinated for 150 facilitators. It is in Landmark that I learned to create something from nothing, and how to consistently recreate oneself.

In 2009, only four years after starting Black Oaks, I saw a need in Pembroke, the largest concentration of Black agricultural land outside of the South, to support Black farmers. Since then, I have overseen the operations of a 400 member CSA that brings fresh organic and whole foods to the South Side of Chicago. It is an honor to be considered for the nominations of the leadership team of the Alliance; I want for our collective success and will work to see that we do succeed. I accept my nomination, with years of experience in building sustainable land space and self-determining food economies, hoping that I can be of service.

Marcos Salazar - Moderator
Marcos Salazar - Moderator

CEO & Co-Founder, Be Social Change


Marcos Salazar (@marcossalazar) is a serial social entrepreneur, career coach, speaker, and community-builder. Marcos has worked in research and leadership development at the American Psychological Association, Girl Scouts, and the White House Project (promoting women to run for office). He is also the founder of two t-shirt companies, a number of social impact blogs, and the author of two books.

Through Be Social Change, Marcos taps into his entrepreneur’s creativity and social good inspiration to help people find and do meaningful work and lead more sustainable lifestyles. Marcos earned a degree from Amherst College and a Masters in Organizational Management and an Executive Leadership Coaching certificate from The George Washington University. You can learn more about him at www.marcossalazar.com.

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