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Wednesdays, Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15, 2023 | 3-Week Online Course

Stepping into a manager role means exposure to a whole new side of the business.

You’re now privy to new projects getting the green light, you’re making key decisions about which challenge to tackle next, and–most importantly–you’re now in charge of a team of people (even if that team is only one person).

Your staff are your responsibility. It’s no longer about you and your individual performance. You represent an entire team. You’re playing the role of leader, coach, teacher, and motivator. Your staff are relying on you for guidance in their day-to-day and in their professional growth and development.

Being a manager is not the supersized version of your previous role. It’s an entirely different role with its own unique scope. Yes, as a manager you’ve got power, but remember the old adage: with great power comes great responsibility.

The responsibilities are what make being a first time manager both rewarding and challenging. Understanding the most common managerial challenges, and knowing what skills you’ll need to address them is what this first time manager course is about.

Over the course of three weeks, you’ll learn:

Session #1

Leadership Style

The Problem: The behaviors and thinking that made you a strong individual contributor, will not make you a successful, confident manager. And managing others the way you’ve been managed or the way you’ve seen others manage will not work for you either. Your leadership style is personal, and it’s only uncovered when you become aware of the personality traits and default behaviors that guide how you show up at work.

The Action: You’ll take a quick assessment to identify your script. Then unpack insights about your strengths, blindspots, and the go-to behaviors that won’t work now that you’re a manager.

The Result: You’ll end this session with insights on your specific leadership style. Your leadership style is the blueprint for how to build the most beneficial relationship with your team because it uses your natural strengths to develop your team’s skills, competence, and overall performance. You’ll know the exact new behaviors that will allow you to manage your team and your own responsibilities with confidence.

Session #2

Creating A Collaborative Team Culture Where You Aren’t The Bottleneck and Work Actually Gets Done

The Problem: It’s too easy to take teamwork for granted. Tasks are divided. Timelines are established. Deliverables are completed. But what happens when the work doesn’t get done? Or when the work is continuously taking longer than expected to complete? When we look closely at what causes teamwork to fail, it’s less about the team members’ proficiencies and more about the team members’ personalities.

Ultimately, it’s the interpersonal interactions your team members have with each other that support or inhibit their productivity and your effectiveness as a team leader.

The Action: You’ll create norms related to the interpersonal interactions that MOST impact teamwork and productivity – asking questions, sharing ideas, and expressing concerns.

The Result: You’ll end the session with behavioral norms that guide how your team members ask questions, share ideas and express concerns with each other, and processes that support your team members asking questions, sharing ideas and expressing concerns to you.

Because norms guide social interactions and aren’t always formal procedures, you’ll know how to lead a discussion with your team members so that they openly agree to follow them and hold each other accountable to them.

Session #3

Feedback, Pushback, and Tough Calls

The Problem: Transparency is not outlined in your job description and it’s not measured in your performance review. But your team members will hold you accountable for it because they’ll be able to sense when you aren’t being completely honest. They’ll know that there’s something you aren’t saying.

On the other end, transparency doesn’t mean oversharing. It would overwhelm your team if they knew the behind the scenes of every little decision. So what do you do? How do you practice transparency in a way that shows your team you value openness without feeling pushed to disclose every detail?

The Action: You’ll practice having difficult conversations following a four- step framework – make your motive clear, acknowledge what’s working, state the problem clearly and co-create a solution – that encourages empathy and accountability so that behavioral change happens.

The Result: You’ll end the session with strategies on how to organize and execute tough conversations so that you feel less anxious when having them. Tough conversations are filled with emotions on both ends. You know how easy it is for these conversations to leave a team member feeling frustrated, discouraged, or combative.

In order to confidently approach these conversations, you need to accept that emotion is a critical part of the conversation. You’ll learn strategies for how to temper the emotional with the rational, so that you can find the sweet spot and release your concerns about coming off too harsh or too lenient.

The necessary skills and abilities that will allow you to guide, develop, and build trust with your team. These are the intangibles that will make you a successful first time manager.

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First Time Manager Course

Lawrese Brown
Lawrese Brown

Founder, C-Track Training

Lawrese Brown is an educator and workplace coach that develops strong teams and strong team leaders by equipping professionals with the skills, tools, and frameworks necessary to be respected and trusted in the workplace.

C-Track’s coaching and training services have enhanced the programs and performance of professionals at BOLD New York, Bravely, Credit Suisse, Google, Brookdale Community College, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Consumer Reports, McKinsey & Co., Klara Technologies, Year Up, 826 NYC, The Cordes Foundation, Longwave Financial, and Girls Who Code.

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C-Track Training teaches early career professionals from 0-10 years how to speak with confidence, self-manage, speak up, and transition to management through group coaching programs, books, and training.

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