Change Management

Leading in the Midst of Change

August 20, 2020 | Webinar


How can change management transform companies’ impact for the better? What change management principles are useful to individual transformation?

2020 has reinforced that change is inevitable, rapid, and unpredictable, and that adaptable organizations are more likely to survive and thrive. Change management is a vital tool for organizations and individuals to apply to their work and lifestyles. It is also an incredible pathway for teams to identify and create their greatest social impact.

Join this conversation with change management leader, Kristin Demafeliz, a member of the NOBL Collective, who advises organizations in how to improve teams and cultures. Kristin and Be Social Change Co-Founder and CEO, Marcos Salazar, will discuss how people and businesses can adapt to changing landscapes, the ingredients for teams that transform challenges into opportunities, and how we can apply change management principles to daily life.

If you are interested in organizational structures, leadership, transformational work, and social impact, this discussion is for you.

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Change Management

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Kristin Demafeliz
Kristin Demafeliz

Org. Change, Strategy and Transformation, NOBL Collective


Kristin Demafeliz is a member of NOBL Collective, where she helps ambitious and compassionate leaders and teams improve work and culture. Most recently, Kristin designed and produced NOBL’s first-ever live virtual conference with over 2,400 attendees from around the world sharing insights about the complexities of remote work, how to build resilient teams, and how leaders should communicate authentically, especially in times of crisis.

Prior to NOBL, Kristin worked at The Michael J. Fox Foundation, leading initiatives to accelerate and expand patient-centered research in partnership with academic, biotech and pharmaceutical organizations. She also has experience marketing and scaling enterprise software and consumer applications in the tech sector as well as strategic planning and constituent management for nonprofits.

Marcos Salazar
Marcos Salazar

CEO & Co-Founder, Be Social Change


Marcos Salazar (@marcossalazar) is a serial social entrepreneur, career coach, speaker, and community-builder. Marcos has worked in research and leadership development at the American Psychological Association, Girl Scouts, and the White House Project (promoting women to run for office). He is also the founder of two t-shirt companies, a number of social impact blogs, and the author of two books.

Through Be Social Change, Marcos taps into his entrepreneur’s creativity and social good inspiration to help people find and do meaningful work and lead more sustainable lifestyles. Marcos earned a degree from Amherst College and a Masters in Organizational Management and an Executive Leadership Coaching certificate from The George Washington University. You can learn more about him at