Career Change Coaching Circles

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This online small coaching circle opportunity is for job-seekers and career changers:

Your job is how you spend at least a fourth of your time each week.

The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened many people to the need to make more of that time. Are you looking for a job that is better aligned with your purpose or values?

Impact-driven work is on the rise across the United States and Canada, with well-being among those people “living their purpose” measured five times higher than those who are not (McKinsey).

You CAN make the change to work that is more fulfilling and impactful. If you are unsure how, Be Social Change’s Career Change Coaching Circles are here to help.

When it comes to any job search – especially social impact jobs – there are four key pillars that anyone who has experienced a transition can attest are supremely helpful:

  • a supportive (and growing) network
  • expert insights into the field of your interest
  • an accountability partner/group
  • experienced eyes on your application materials

Be Social Change is offering Career Change Coaching Circles to support people with these success factors as they look for their next job.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we’ll cover:

  1. Determining your career vision
  2. Gaining clarity on what you want to do
  3. Building a network of champions and advocates
  4. Honing your three key career stories
  5. Developing your personal brand
  6. Attracting opportunities with LinkedIn
  7. Practicing the mindset necessary to sustain the search

    See below for more details about the structure and pricing.



    a small cohort of people who are also looking for jobs

    Expert Feedback

    a trusted and trained career coach looking over your application materials

    Dedicated Progress

    activities to get you prepped for applying, interviews, and working in a sector that’s meaningful to you

    A Bigger Network

    opportunities to share in one another’s networks and be supported/support others in meeting great contacts


    a group that will hold you accountable for achieving your career objectives

    Healthy Approach

    an experienced facilitator who will keep the group on track toward more purposeful work, provide safe space for reflections, and help generate well-being and meaning during your job transition period

    The Facilitator

    Career Change Coach

    Jenn Lishansky

    Career and Life Coach, Chief Engagement Officer, Be Social Change

    I contribute to the world by helping people connect with their greatest talents and joys and then pursue them. My coaching is grounded in motivational interviewing, strong and emotionally intelligent support, and a background in teaching mindfulness.

    Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with thousands of people to overcome burnout, develop self-confidence, tell their stories, craft their life-vision and mission statements, and find calm and clarity in their careers and lives.

    When I am not coaching, I am the Chief Engagement Officer for Be Social Change. I identify ways to support organizations in the social impact space by leveraging Be Social Change’s resources and community.

    Previously, I have worked in the nonprofit sector and served as a youth delegate to the United Nations representing the Federation of Business and Professional Women. In 2015, I founded my own business, teaching meditation to groups around New York City, including Columbia University, Facebook, the NASDAQ, Journey Meditation, as well as consulting on wellness curricula.

    My Goal for You

    When I found coaching, I found my purpose. Supporting individuals in the midst of transition, searching for greater meaning, is my greatest joy.

    Through these circles, we will create a space to explore what compels, inspires, and brings us into alignment with our core values. My goal is that each participant connects with work that is fulfilling and impact oriented, as well as that each person develops the practical support and strategies to make that transition.

    This is my goal and my wish for you: that you may find work that you too are energized to wake up to.


    Wisdom and Guidance

    “I can’t possibly recommend Jenn’s career circles enough! You will join an inspiring community that will lift you up and hold you accountable to your goals, and Jenn provides extremely valuable job search wisdom and guidance along the way. The most impactful piece for me was relearning why to network and how to do it. Over one month later, I’m still regularly connecting with new people and feel much more confident in networking.”

    – KE Participated and made a job change in January 2021


    Accountability and Clarity

    “The Career Coaching Circle with Jenn was outstanding. My one-on-one coaching session with Jenn was the most productive hour of professional development I’ve had in my career. The scheduled meetings provided the accountability I needed and the guided activities created the clarity I was searching for.”

    – AR, Participated and made a job change in January 2021


    Incredible People

    “Having a chance to be a part of the coaching circles was a valuable experience. It helped me to focus my job search and look for new ways to network with people in my dream companies. Most of all, I got to meet some incredible people who were in a similar position that I was in.”

    – CB, Participated in January 2021, made a job change in March


    Actionable Steps and Confidence

    “The Career Change Coaching Circle provided me with actionable steps and confidence in deciding the next steps of my career. Jenn is a wonderful facilitator, establishing and maintaining such a warm and collaborative environment as well as offering tips and resources. While the group members and I were seeking different career goals, we shared the same intention of encouraging, supporting, and learning from one another, even beyond our time in the group. Definitely book your private session with Jenn—I’m still blown away by the impactful career advice she gave me!”

    – EC, Participated in January 2021


    Beneficial Exercises

    “The Small Group Career Coaching Circle, hosted by Jenn Lishansky, reinvigorated my staff job search. The guidance and exercises were very helpful in gaining some clarity and focus on what motivates me. The feedback from the group was invaluable. Their willingness to be open made me feel less alone in the process of looking for my next position. Jenn’s feedback on my resume and LinkedIn provided great input for things to change – and a confidence boost that I’d lost in trying to fit who I am into my resume bullet points!”

    – LR, Participated in March 2021, started own business in May



    “Jenn was an amazing guide. Her approach to job hunting has empowered me in a way I could have never foreseen and I am forever grateful.”

    – EE, Participated in April 2021, made a job change in June 


    100% Recommend

    The circles were dedicated sessions packed with resources, useful conversations and group support, underlined by a clear and useful methodology that made looking for a job a purposeful and even exciting action. The facilitation was kind and useful, truly hearing and understanding individual stories and needs. I would 100% recommend, no matter in what stage you find yourself in your search for purpose.

    – KD, Participated and made a job change in March 2021


    Find Community

    “The small groups were a wonderful way to find community in the most unexpected parts of my career process. Being part of them helped me to increase my momentum and get better results out of my job search which has ultimately lead to more interviews!”

    – SM, Participated in May 2021, made a job change in June


    Depth of Knowledge

    “The depth of knowledge that Jenn has is amazing. She is always upbeat and supportive of the teams’ projects and challenges. The exercises made you think through all that you had to do and the best processes.”

    – MS, Participated in July 2021, began contracting role in September


    Camaraderie of the Whole Group

    Jenn is an amazing cheerleader for your career change journey! Such deep insight and spirited encouragement! It was also great to have the camaraderie of the whole group. I am ready to land my dream job!

    – MR, Participated in March 2022


    Made Visible Progress

    “I am so happy to have had the opportunity to join the Career Coaching Circle led by Jenn. She created a beautiful communal space where we all felt confident and safe in reflecting on our career goals and fears and sharing progress week after week. The curriculum is super practical, and the tasks assigned each week allowed me to immediately apply the learning from the live sessions to my job search.
    Jenn’s one-on-one coaching chat was one of the highlights of this experience, where we dove into aspects of job clarity. As a result, I have made visible progress – I have come out with greater clarity on my target role and career goals. I have also become a more competitive applicant with improved application materials with Jenn’s feedback. I am also very grateful to my community of peers who were on this journey for constantly sharing their learning and insights candidly and vulnerably. Being in the job search process with this community has given me hope and motivation. Thank you, Jenn and my circle peers.”

    – AA, Participated in March 2022 

    So Grateful

    “I found the coaching circle to be so much more than I imagined, and I’m so grateful for the experience.”

    – AA, Participated in March 2022



    • Six hour and a half meetings weekly
    • One private session with the career coach/facilitator
    • Weekly activities and goal-tracking
    • Review of two cover letters and resumes each


    (sign up if any of the following apply)

    • You are looking for a job that matches your purpose
    • You are seeking a support system during your joblessness
    • You question if your cover letter and resume are the reasons you aren’t getting interview requests
    • You are only applying for jobs online (and missing the most effective strategy for getting a new job)
    • You need accountability to get to your goals each week
    • You want this process to provide benefit beyond just a job (aka, a new community, a resource for career development, inspiration to continue pursuing purpose)


    The cost will be offered at a sliding scale:

    • $600 – $799 for the general public 
    • $550-$699 for Be Social Change members. (learn more and become a member here)


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will the circles be in-person or online?

    To maintain safety and access, all offerings will be online.

    Who else will be in the coaching circle?

    All interested professionals will apply through this link. The facilitator will read each application and curate the groups based on mutual interests/goals.

    When are the circles scheduled for?

    During the application process, you will be asked to share your availability. The common time that works for each member will be selected and communicated ten days before the circle begins.

    What if I don't know what a social impact job is?

    Worry not. A social impact job is one that contributes to a greater mission. They can be in nonprofits, social enterprises, corporate social responsibility departments, the public sector, and more.

    How do I know if I am a fit for the coaching circles?

    Check out the eligibility points above. To put it simply, you are eligible if you are seeking greater meaning and fulfillment from your next role.

    Will I walk away with a job?

    You will gain a support and accountability group, a larger network, resumes and cover letter foundations you can be confident in, a personal career vision, and the strategies and motivation to find a job that aligns with your values.

    How will I know once I have been selected to join a coaching circle?

    You will receive an email from the facilitator confirming your spot and the dates/times of the first circle.

    What happens after I apply?

    You will be contacted by the facilitator for a brief interview to discuss your application. After the interview, you will learn if you are selected. 

    Then, ten days before the circles start, you will be notified of the timing of the circles and the next steps with payment. 

    When will I find out if I am selected?

    You will find out shortly after your interview with the facilitator.