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Create the Career, Life, and Impact You Want

Hi, I’m Marcos Salazar, CEO of Be Social Change, and I want to ask you a few questions:

    • Do you feel stuck in your current job?
    • Are you feeling lost and not sure what your purpose is?
    • Do you want to be in a job that makes a greater impact in the world?
    • Are you not sure what direction you want to go down next?
    • Do you feel overwhelmed by the job search?
    • Are you tired of sending out resume after resume and not hearing back from anyone (and have no clue why)?
    • Do you want to know how to access the hidden job market and get interviews with companies you’d love to work for?

If you answered yes to one (or possibly all) of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

With Be Social Change Career Coaching, we will work together to develop a vision, strategy, and step-by-step action plan on how you can find + do purposeful work you love!

Be Social Change Career Coaching is perfect for you if:

      • You’re looking for a new job or career change
      • You want greater clarity about your purpose career direction
      • You’re unsure where to start or how to structure your job search
      • You’re tired of applying for tons of jobs and not hearing back
      • You want to be able to clearly communicate your skills, talents, and personal brand in a clear and effective way
      • You’re tired of networking on accident and want to network with purpose to meet the right people and create new career opportunities
      • You want to understand how to tap the hidden job market (where 80% of the jobs are)
      • You are ready to dive deep into what you truly want and engage with fellow attendees to help you unearth the answers you’ve been seeking


Monthly Coaching
For ongoing coaching, I meet with clients for 3 one-hour sessions per month with the first being a longer strategy session to set the foundation for our work. This timeline can extend out further based on your schedule i.e., 3 sessions for 6 weeks for example. In addition to the in-person sessions, I will create exercises and worksheets to help amplify the work we do in-person as well as send you any tools, readings, and resources that may be helpful in developing your skills and leadership.

Single-Session Laser Coaching
Sometimes people only need to meet once in a highly focused coaching session for 1-2 hours. For this type of coaching, I also include a follow-up email with action steps you can execute on as well as share any relevant resources / exercises that emerge from the session.

In-Person (NYC) or Virtual
I am based in New York City but also work with clients over the phone and via skype


You may have come to this coaching page because you’re looking for a change. Maybe you’re not happy with your work and looking for a new job or different career that has more meaning and purpose. You could enjoy your job but want to learn how to be more effective, get a promotion, or make more money. Or it could be you have a growing desire to start that new business you’ve always wanted and now is the time. Or maybe you want to increase your visibility professionally by creating a personal brand people will remember. Whatever your goals and dreams, as your coach we will work as a team to make them a reality and I will be there right by your side guiding and supporting you every step of the way!

If you’re ready to create greater meaning and purpose in your career and life, I invite you to fill out the form below so I can learn more about how I can support you on your journey.

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Learn from 40+ Social Impact Leaders Sharing Their Best Career Advice!

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