The Anti-Racist Business Virtual Summit

Learn from founders, leaders, and racial justice experts about what it means to be an anti-racist company and how businesses of all sizes can create and support diverse, inclusive, and equitable organizations.

FREE ONLINE EVENT | September 17, 2020

Co-hosted by:

The Anti-Racist Business Virtual Summit will provide you with strategies, best-practices, and a roadmap for building an anti-racist company.

Here’s what you’ll hear our speakers talking about:


How to engage employees on race and equity issues in a way that uplifts, protects, and advances company culture


The underpinning business structures that reinforce racism and how to replace them with anti-racist frameworks and values


How to avoid the traps of traditional diversity programs and initiatives


How to implement practices and policies that are inclusive, equitable, and empowering to people both within and outside the company


How we can all take action to dismantle racism and white supremacy within our economies


How to advocate for change in creating an inclusive and equitable economy

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